About Me

IMG_9008Welcome!  My name is Jeanette Jensen, I am thrilled you have stopped by. I am a mother of 5 beautiful children, and married to my high school sweetheart.

I have a love for clean, wholesome food, essential oils, and fitness. I am excited to start training for my first triathlon this year.  I am here to share my life journey.  Four years I gave birth to my twins #4 and #5.  With that I grew to learn more about myself and the things that consume me.  My daughter had severe eczema, which later I  was able to pinpoint down to food sensitivities.  She also has a peanut allergy.  While breastfeeding I did an elimination diet thru Paleo to help with her initial relief.  I will share more of her story later…

Here you can expect to find what I have learned thru menu planning, healthy meals and children lunches.  I will also be sharing essential oils that I love using daily, and what inspires me to stay fit.  I strive to live my journey in life with a purpose, and would love to help you do the same!  Connect with me elsewhere: Instagram @jengonefit      Twitter: @jengonefit

Contact me thru email at: purposelivingjourney@gmail.com




**Disclaimer: I am not a health professional or have a degree in nutrition. I am simply sharing my life story and what has helped me and my family on our journey.

** I do link out to affiliates of items that I support.


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