Menu Planning

Menu planning is very near and dear to my heart. I remember when I first started to meal plan I felt so overwhelmed. What should I make…what new recipes to try… I was had the same outline as I do now Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Dinner, but I was making something different for each and every meal. Talk about overload. It went on like this for several months.  Then I had an epiphany when our menu had to change with Charlottes foods sensitivities. I made my menu work for me. Sometimes what we had for dinner, we had for breakfast the next morning. When you think of breakfast, you don’t always have to cook traditional breakfast foods. There are times now I still incorporate this same ritual. Now typically what we have for dinner is for lunch the next day. There are occasions where our dinner might not be a great option for lunch the next day since all their lunches are cold.  This is where I will make a change to the menu for a simple change in plans.

We do the best with what we have. At the time of this post, I try to keep ouIMG_7027r grocery bill at $250 a week. Honestly it can be tough, but I have learned to tweak my menu based on what is on sale during the week. There are times we may only have 2 different proteins, but make several different meals out of them. For the first several weeks, I kept receipts so I knew how much individual food was costing me. This too helped me with planning out my menu and staying on top of my budget. Another handy app Rob and I use is called Wunderlist. This has been a lifesaver. It syncs to both our phones and you can also access it on their website. I have a list for each grocery store I go to. This way when I shop I pull up the app and check off the food I need. Pretty cut and dry. Seriously you need to check it out!

My goal here is to show you how I do my menu planning. I will share with you my weekly menus, and some recipes that I will be using during the week. Don’t get frustrate at first if it seems difficult, it will get easier. Feel free to reach out to me if you need some assistance. I will try my best to help out!